Know the Traditional San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jalisco

Know the Traditional San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jalisco

San Pedro Tlaquepaque municipality of the state of Jalisco, in October 2018 obtained the appointment of magical town.

The elaboration of beautiful ceramic and pottery handicrafts have made Tlaquepaque a city where you will observe artisanal traditions of Guadalajara.

Get to know the cultural center el Refugio that offers different cultural activities and the regional ceramic museum, or come to know the Parian and enjoy the gastronomic menu of Jalisco that we are sure you will love.

When visiting Tlaquepaque you can not miss visiting:

“Refugio” Cultural Center


The Parian restaurant

Image | El Parian de Tlaquepaque

Regional Pottery Museum

Image |Periódico Milenio

Independencia walker

Image |Periódico Milenio

Hidalgo Garden

Image |Casa de las flores

Shrine of our lady of loneliness

Image |Guadalajara turística

Still do not know what to bring souvenirs? In Tlaquepaque you will find more than one thing to bring that you will love, and you will be able to enjoy the traditional craft ice cream during your shopping.